Thursday, February 20, 2020

What is a Session?

As BDSM becomes more engrained in pop culture there are many people who are becoming more and more curious about how they can facilitate their desires and ideas in the realm of BDSM. Some people aren't even sure what any of it means or what they would like about it. Something just draws us to it. There are many ways of exploring BDSM and that is why I offer many options on how to accomplish that. The most popular type of exploration is the immersive experience of a "session".

Welcome to the dungeon, this is where fantasy play takes place. Prior to meeting we negotiate your interests and ideas about what you want to experience, whether that is very specific or as general as "I am new to this, let's do a sample platter." And see where the experience takes us. You arrive on time, I answer the door normally, wearing a robe. We sit down and go over important things like limits, safe words, communication, etc. After we have a short talk, the play begins. You are expected to be in a position of submissive, slave, or bottom. I do not accept doms for sessions unless you are bringing a slave with you for training. Have a fetish but don't feel subbie? I also facilitate kinks and fetishes of all kinds. Switches welcome.

I walk to the back room and instruct you to be on your knees when I return.. After a few minutes you hear my heels clicking on the concrete floor. Wearing latex or lingerie I enter the room (some times yoga pants, outfit suggestions are allowed). I am holding a collar in my hand... I walk behind you, your eyes are down. I place the collar around your neck, leaving room for you to breathe. I bend down, my hair brushes your shoulder and I whisper "for the next few hours, you are mine." I run my nails down your spine. Clipping a leash to the collar. Follow me.. and we walk back in to the dungeon.

Sessions are about creating and working withing a "scene", and in these scenes your interests will be explored. Whether that's transforming you in to a little sissy and exploring gender boundaries to heavy humiliation or sensual touch paired with power control. Scenes are essentially like a play between two people, you and me.. hence, a power exchange. They can be as complex or as simple as needed in the moment. Just love feet or sweat? That's cool too! There is plenty that can be done, the point is that you get to let go and live in a fantasy world we create for however long you book.

Many people find sessions to be very relaxing, even if there is some pain involved. Tired of having to be in control all of the time, wanting to let go, or just experience something with mindfulness? Try a session, the possibilities are endless.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

BEST OF 2019

This year was a big year, I opened My dungeon in Denver and saw so many old and new faces. Enjoyed many different styles of play, created a lot of diverse content and made a come back. I decided to comprise some of the best moments of 2019 to reflect and look forward to another amazing year! 

Best Clips of 2019:

Fart Face Loser made top clip in the Fart fetish category of Clips4Sale! This is my first time reaching a top rated clip in a while. It seems as though there are many of you slave who just wish they could smell my farts. 

The second most popular clip of 2019 was Tied and Taken which was filmed during a session with a good boy who wanted to have some fun clips for his collection. We had a lot of fun filming together.

Get these clips and more at:


Most Popular Tweets of 2019:

I started with a new twitter account this year and am already to 4k followers! It has been a great year for good free content on twitter. Check out this years most popular tweets.. 

CBT really brings out My eyes doesn't it? Twitter loved this one!

Seems as though there are many losers who love being ignored based on how popular this tweet was.

Latex and sissies loved this tweet that was a photo taken during the filming of a clip. 


The opening of the Denver Chamber in January 2019 was a huge event. My slaves and I spend long hours every day of every week getting this dungeon prepared use. Between painting, installing a shower, hanging fixtures, welding cages and acquiring toys it was a lot of work!

This year I also did my first ever traveling dom work, which I hope will continue in to 2020. I took sessions in both Chicago and Kansas City this year. It was an interesting experience going to Chicago with Princess Devi as well as visiting Kansas City and starting to build a client base there. I wonder where you will see Me in 2020..

I also had a great time hosting different doms from all over the country at My dungeon in 2019. From doing doubles, to going on ghost adventures I had a great time meeting badass new femdom friends!

The I <3 Feet party! This year the I <3 Feet party was created as the first ever foot party in Denver! This bi yearly event was so much fun to attend, both times being a great time and success. Then again.. who wouldn't want to worship the feet of many beautiful women..?

2019 was a great year and I look forward to seeing slaves in person via sessions, ordering custom clips, subscribing to My only fans, and visiting with Me on cam and phone. 

How do you intend to serve in 2020?


Mistress Nicci 

Saturday, April 13, 2019

All Wrapped Up

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Sensory deprivation is something that has grown in popularity since Joe Rogan and his sensory deprivation tanks have made being taken out of the physical senses of the world in to the main stream. Sensory dep in BDSM isn't much different. Ultimately in BDSM letting go of control is one of the main events for a sub. Being bound, being so helpless you can't even hear or see... the Dominant has full control.

She can just allow you to sit there, wrapped up in plastic, tangled in rope, unable to escape. Earplugs, with a hood placed over your head so you truly become an object. You can't feel the air in the room, you can't hear your Mistress' foot steps. You can't see Her. Her shadow. Anything. It's dark. Your skin might be crawling in anticipation. Maybe you'll slowly let go of control, in each passing minute of silence and stillness. Just enough time passes, you start to get comfortable. Starting to let go of the need to be aware of everything, the need to have control. To embrace powerlessness, The very animal nature has been stripped away with your senses. At first alarming, now relaxing. You sink in to it. Who knows how much time has passed.

Suddenly, you feel some one next to you. Her sharp fingernails slowly running down the plastic that is hugging your body. They dig in, tearing it open. "Time to wake up...."

Monday, November 5, 2018

Locked Up in Chastity: No Fap November

There is no better time to consider chastity than during No Fap November, while it may seem like a strange concept, not jerking off for an entire month can actually be kind of awesome. Okay.. maybe not awesome, but it is definitely an experience. Sex, it rules many of us. Orgasm, ejaculation, cumming.. we all think about it. Some of us are more controlled than others.. it can get in the way of productivity, personal relationships and self control. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just lock it up and hand over the key allowing someone else to be in control?
A chastity cage can seem a bit extreme, but that doesn't take in to account that some times the drive of sexuality can also be extreme. It might not seem to hard to go a few days without jerking off. But after a week, two weeks, a month.. it becomes an itch that can take over your entire mind. Being locked up and giving away your control over the situation can help with the lack of self control and also the driving urge to jerk off. When you are not in control you are acting for someone else, there is nothing you can do about it. Let go of the control and let go of the drive to jerk, because when you are under my control.. it isn't going to happen.



Saturday, November 3, 2018

Trampled by Two Goddesses

The only thing a human carpet can think of is being stepped on by the beautiful silky nyloned feet of two beautiful, dominant women. Cadence and I had a wonderful time using this loser as a door mat after slipping on some silky and stinky nylons. Cadence, stepping on the slave's throat while I press my heel down slowly on to his cock and balls. I can tell this particular door mat is having the time of his life as a smile creeps across his face. I can imagine that the view from the floor, of two sexy women standing on top of him is a sight to be seen. Looking up and seeing our sexy legs and nice asses covered in silky tan nylons, our smiling faces looking down as we stomp our heels on every inch of your body...

He might be enjoying this a little bit too much, we decide. Maybe if we slip on some pointy high heels and trample this lucky slave he will change his tune. We each slip on a pair of spiky heels and step on his stomach, the heels sinking in to his flesh. Round heel marks litter the slave's body. Ouch.. that might leave a mark. We each take turns sitting on his chest and covering his face and throat with our feet, making it a little harder to breathe. This slave would be happy to let us take him, instead I decide to tap dance on his chest. 



Saturday, March 26, 2016

Wrestling and Bondage

A few months ago I had my first experience with submission via wrestling. If you follow me on social media you will know that I love physical fitness and that I practice Muay Thai, so naturally I was interested. We laid out wrestling mats and began, this client has been in to wrestling for many years so at first I was nervous, little did I know he did not realize that I am extremely strong. I work hard, I practice yoga, squat 250 lbs and lift heavy. I had him the moment we started, very quickly looped rope around his elbow and had him in a hog tie in under 4 minutes. It was so much fun, I've always loved fitness and to implement that in with BDSM activity I am in heaven! After only a few minutes we were both breathing heavy. The point to bondage wrestling, in this case was I was given a mat with bundles of rope around it. Starting in a standard wrestling position the point is to wrestle while simultaneously placing someone in a hog tie. It is very difficult if you can imagine to tie rope while also trying to hold someone in a position.

Earlier this week I was contacted again to partake in bondage wrestling. We spent some time watching some videos and practicing a few moves that I was interested in, particularly scissor holds as I find it to be rewarding to submit a sub between my strong thighs. Bondage wrestling has been nothing but a delight, I still have a lot to learn but now I am finding myself motivated to indulge in the Jiu Jitsu classes at my Muay Thai gym in order to gain some valuable skills in my new BDSM interest. To physically submit a male, typically larger than me is super hot! Imagine trying to squirm, to escape from my strong legs. Wiggling, exhausting yourself as I slowly crush you between my thighs. The ropes tightening around your wrists, then your ankles and before you know it you are submitted in to a hog tie. Panting heavily, I've got you now.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Checking the Ego With Chastity

To some sexuality can be considered the grandest of distractions; whether it is mindful or not so many actions are derived by the obsession with the orgasm. This obsession lends itself to an inflammation of the ego, particularly what is identified as the "Id". The Id is a subcategory of the term we know as ego that covers the basic human instinctual drives, often associated with sexual gratification. This need for sexual gratification in way of the Id is often one that requires immediate satisfaction. The drive within the ego for immediate satisfaction is one that can bring great pleasure when fulfilled, yet also can be a source of great despair.

The ego can be at fault for many great sorrows but most commonly responsible for small daily affairs that go almost unnoticed.

The concept of chastity originated from a sense of "purity" as the words "chaste" and "chastity" stem from the Latin adjective castus meaning "pure". Historically associated with religious influences to offer a counter attack to the sin of lust, it is also often pledged by some as a voluntary act of devotion. So, naturally chastity is an excellent accessory to D/S and BDSM relations in the sense of masochism within the ego as well as devotion to a master or mistress.

It is often viewed that sexual deviance is fundamentally rooted in the satisfaction of the Id's need for orgasm, yet in the terms of chastity the eroticism is found to have the opposite action. In terms of chastity the pleasure is found from the roller coaster involved with the processing of being incapable of satisfying the obsession with the ego. This process is one, although not the same for everyone, has great similar effects in each person subject to chastity.

The ties of the ego to the desire for sexual release is one of great power that may be effecting life in ways that are not as obvious as they seem. The pure power the sexual release is apparent simply in the reality that many who do indulge in chastity require physical devices that inhibit the ability to masturbate or have sexual relations. Many of these chastity cages and devices are designed to not only stop the ability to please ones self sexually, they also make sexual arousal (particularly in males) to be very uncomfortable.  Males in chastity often find it difficult to sleep at first due to erections that happen throughout the night. Due to this it is very important to find a device that fits as comfortably as possible, which is naturally discovered via trial and error.