Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sadistic Giggle Therapy

Laughing... sounds like such a wonderful thing. Have you ever laughed so hard your sides hurt? Imagine being unable to make it stop, how your stomach muscles and entire body will continue to clench with each laugh that is uncontrollably coming from your mouth. Giggle therapy? Such a funny thing to bring out the strongest essence of my sadism.

Hands and feet bound, thighs forced open exposing your inner thighs, ribs, and armpits. There is no escaping the fingers lightly caressing your ribs.. and suddenly... being jabbed deep in to your flesh. At first, it isn't so bad.. you are laughing.. laughing is good... I climb on top of you, giving you a sweet smile right before I press the end of my elbow right in to your arm pit. Your body clenching up, a deep sharp pain in your sides as I run my little fingers over your hips and press in, sharp and deep.

You are laughing.. laughing is good.

A blindfold placed over your eyes, mouth filled with a ball gag because I am tired of hearing you begging me to stop between giggles. The ball gag still doesn't shut you up so I wrap shrink wrap around your mouth.

How many hours have gone past? Is it over?

Scared, unsure how much more you can take, the proding and poking. Body covered in soon to be bruises, stomach so sore its unavoidable to focus on the pain, and the fear.  Endorphins at an all time high... 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How to Effectively Make a Session Request

I have many people ask the best way to approach a domme for a session request. Just like all businesses each dom operates differently so I am going to give some general as well as specific (when it comes to booking with me) information. I personally tend to get many different types of emails some are extensive and provide the majority of the information I am looking for, while some are a simple and slightly annoying "whats up? how can I see you?" The first thing I always tell clients is to READ MY WEBSITE, obviously since you are reading this blog you have already done the number one this I suggest. The second thing I would ask you to consider is actually reading my website and FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS. Under my real-time session section of my website I specifically request information from you and I also state my rules.

Some of the most important things I absolutely require while emailing me to book sessions is:

-Approach me as you would with any inquiry to a professional about making an appointment. I expect you to take a little bit of time to greet me RESPECTFULLY. As you know first impressions are important. I find short one sentence emails such as "lets hang out" or "do you strap on?" to be inappropriate. I am a professional not a friend you are messaging on facebook.

-Include the information I ask for on my website, to show that you have read and understood the rules. I ask for very little information; a valid phone number, a description of interests and experience as well as when and how long you would like to book for.

-Awareness of the fact that I am a person with a life and this is exactly why I do not take same day sessions. It is imperative that you remember this. It is best for our relationship if you take the kindness to  book ahead of time. I preform better if I have several days to think about our session and come up with creative ideas. It also shows you are considerate of my time.

-It is important that you EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATE your interests, limits and expectations. I am not a mind reader. Granted, leave room for creativity and addition of my own personal style, but taking the time to articulate your specific interests. If you are new to bdsm and you aren't exactly sure of your interests try to give me an idea of why you are interested in trying bdsm and any particular thing you are interested in. Ask questions you have. I am fully willing to answer questions to an extent. Do not however email me sexually explicit questions as I will assume you are wanking to my email and I will not respond.

- Give me a sense of who you are! I consider every session I have to be very personal. I like to know who I am dealing with. If you are interested in knowing more about me be sure to read my about me, watching my vlog on youtube and reading my twitter.

- Consider a tribute or a wishlist gift. Nothing puts you in my good graces more than showing that you are working towards getting in to my good graces. Of course every dom loves to be shown appreciation.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Preparing for Penetration

I had a friend of mine ask me how to prepare for anal the other day so I figured I would put the info out there for all sexes to learn from so everyone can enjoy anal as much as I do! I feel like many people do not engage in anal sex, or they feel anxiety about it because they are worried about the natural consequence of playing with buttholes... sometimes you just get shit on. Here are a few tips I have compiled over the years for those of you bottoming AND topping for anal play! If you want to be fully prepared I would suggest planning ahead.

1. If you are going to have anal sex refrain from eating a huge meal of Mexican food the day before. I would suggest to eat light, and depending on when you are planning to engage in anal play perhaps drink a smoothie the night before for dinner to avoid large solid amounts of food.

2.  Prepare your butthole. For many the average dick (or strap on) is far too large to be directly inserted. Not if you are going for a more pleasurable, easy going experience. I often suggest to wear an anal plug the day before and depending on when you are engaging in anal play even the day of to help to loosen yourself up and get used to the feeling of having something in your ass because for many beginners it can be a very strange feeling at first, don't worry, you will learn to love it.

3. Enema. I always have slaves enema prior to anal play, I also enema when I indulge in anal play in my private life. I have found it most effective to enema a few hours prior to anal play, so like to enema more than once sometimes the night before and a few hours prior. It is all up to you! I would not suggest using an enema directly before anal play as that can back fire at times. Enemas can be purchased at a drug store or grocery store and have instructions that are easy to follow.

4. Take it easy. When I indulge in anal play as a top I always first use a few fingers to assess the situation, to see just how tight the hole is before just ramming my strap on in there. I use a lot of lube and test the waters, first with one finger, two, and then three. If you are in to anal play it is always a good idea as a top to indulge in foreplay which helps the recipient relax, if it is within your limits finger, eat out and play with the butt before just going balls deep. If your bottom is turned on, relaxed and feeling it this facilitates a much more enjoyable experience for both parties.

5. Have fun! Don't let the fear of poop stop you from having a great time. Anal play is an extremely enjoyable experience. Despite all the preparation it must always be remembered by both parties that when you play with fire you might get burned, accept it. Relax and enjoy. Poop happens, don't be ashamed, just laugh it off. Anyone who is mature enough to be having anal sex is required by my beliefs to also be mature enough to deal with poop. Now, don't let this scare you as it doesn't happen often, especially when you prepare properly! So spread those cheeks and get playing!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Tease and Denial

Oh, you silly little horny boys! Tease and denial is simple, and yes, at least with me you often gamble with denial. Don't ask for what you cannot handle.

Tease and denial is something that I find to be exciting. To me it allows me to use the power of my sexuality and my body to bring you to your knees without even putting a finger on you. To make you weak with my womanly body and have you begging to allow you to cum. Grovel all you want, if I allow you to touch yourself you are lucky. How lucky of a slave are you to be allowed to stroke your pathetic cocks to my art of tease? You lower yourself even more to plead for me to allow you to release. Little do many of you realize that your release is not my concern, your inability to release while I tease and open up the doors of your fantasies, is what I am after.

Harnessing your weakness with my movements. Breaking you down to a puppy eyed, begging, drooling male at my feet. Begging me for sweet release as if I care. The pleasure I gain from looking in to your sad, pleading eyes is immense. How could I allow you to release now when I could toy with you for hours, days and even weeks? Whether you just have a love for the female body, or if you have a specific weakness such as leather or a woman in boots, I will find a way to exploit it.

Are you willing to take the gamble? To be begging at my feet for release?