Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sadistic Giggle Therapy

Laughing... sounds like such a wonderful thing. Have you ever laughed so hard your sides hurt? Imagine being unable to make it stop, how your stomach muscles and entire body will continue to clench with each laugh that is uncontrollably coming from your mouth. Giggle therapy? Such a funny thing to bring out the strongest essence of my sadism.

Hands and feet bound, thighs forced open exposing your inner thighs, ribs, and armpits. There is no escaping the fingers lightly caressing your ribs.. and suddenly... being jabbed deep in to your flesh. At first, it isn't so bad.. you are laughing.. laughing is good... I climb on top of you, giving you a sweet smile right before I press the end of my elbow right in to your arm pit. Your body clenching up, a deep sharp pain in your sides as I run my little fingers over your hips and press in, sharp and deep.

You are laughing.. laughing is good.

A blindfold placed over your eyes, mouth filled with a ball gag because I am tired of hearing you begging me to stop between giggles. The ball gag still doesn't shut you up so I wrap shrink wrap around your mouth.

How many hours have gone past? Is it over?

Scared, unsure how much more you can take, the proding and poking. Body covered in soon to be bruises, stomach so sore its unavoidable to focus on the pain, and the fear.  Endorphins at an all time high... 

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