Sunday, December 6, 2015

Checking the Ego With Chastity

To some sexuality can be considered the grandest of distractions; whether it is mindful or not so many actions are derived by the obsession with the orgasm. This obsession lends itself to an inflammation of the ego, particularly what is identified as the "Id". The Id is a subcategory of the term we know as ego that covers the basic human instinctual drives, often associated with sexual gratification. This need for sexual gratification in way of the Id is often one that requires immediate satisfaction. The drive within the ego for immediate satisfaction is one that can bring great pleasure when fulfilled, yet also can be a source of great despair.

The ego can be at fault for many great sorrows but most commonly responsible for small daily affairs that go almost unnoticed.

The concept of chastity originated from a sense of "purity" as the words "chaste" and "chastity" stem from the Latin adjective castus meaning "pure". Historically associated with religious influences to offer a counter attack to the sin of lust, it is also often pledged by some as a voluntary act of devotion. So, naturally chastity is an excellent accessory to D/S and BDSM relations in the sense of masochism within the ego as well as devotion to a master or mistress.

It is often viewed that sexual deviance is fundamentally rooted in the satisfaction of the Id's need for orgasm, yet in the terms of chastity the eroticism is found to have the opposite action. In terms of chastity the pleasure is found from the roller coaster involved with the processing of being incapable of satisfying the obsession with the ego. This process is one, although not the same for everyone, has great similar effects in each person subject to chastity.

The ties of the ego to the desire for sexual release is one of great power that may be effecting life in ways that are not as obvious as they seem. The pure power the sexual release is apparent simply in the reality that many who do indulge in chastity require physical devices that inhibit the ability to masturbate or have sexual relations. Many of these chastity cages and devices are designed to not only stop the ability to please ones self sexually, they also make sexual arousal (particularly in males) to be very uncomfortable.  Males in chastity often find it difficult to sleep at first due to erections that happen throughout the night. Due to this it is very important to find a device that fits as comfortably as possible, which is naturally discovered via trial and error.