Monday, November 5, 2018

Locked Up in Chastity: No Fap November

There is no better time to consider chastity than during No Fap November, while it may seem like a strange concept, not jerking off for an entire month can actually be kind of awesome. Okay.. maybe not awesome, but it is definitely an experience. Sex, it rules many of us. Orgasm, ejaculation, cumming.. we all think about it. Some of us are more controlled than others.. it can get in the way of productivity, personal relationships and self control. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just lock it up and hand over the key allowing someone else to be in control?
A chastity cage can seem a bit extreme, but that doesn't take in to account that some times the drive of sexuality can also be extreme. It might not seem to hard to go a few days without jerking off. But after a week, two weeks, a month.. it becomes an itch that can take over your entire mind. Being locked up and giving away your control over the situation can help with the lack of self control and also the driving urge to jerk off. When you are not in control you are acting for someone else, there is nothing you can do about it. Let go of the control and let go of the drive to jerk, because when you are under my control.. it isn't going to happen.



Saturday, November 3, 2018

Trampled by Two Goddesses

The only thing a human carpet can think of is being stepped on by the beautiful silky nyloned feet of two beautiful, dominant women. Cadence and I had a wonderful time using this loser as a door mat after slipping on some silky and stinky nylons. Cadence, stepping on the slave's throat while I press my heel down slowly on to his cock and balls. I can tell this particular door mat is having the time of his life as a smile creeps across his face. I can imagine that the view from the floor, of two sexy women standing on top of him is a sight to be seen. Looking up and seeing our sexy legs and nice asses covered in silky tan nylons, our smiling faces looking down as we stomp our heels on every inch of your body...

He might be enjoying this a little bit too much, we decide. Maybe if we slip on some pointy high heels and trample this lucky slave he will change his tune. We each slip on a pair of spiky heels and step on his stomach, the heels sinking in to his flesh. Round heel marks litter the slave's body. Ouch.. that might leave a mark. We each take turns sitting on his chest and covering his face and throat with our feet, making it a little harder to breathe. This slave would be happy to let us take him, instead I decide to tap dance on his chest.