Saturday, December 14, 2019

BEST OF 2019

This year was a big year, I opened My dungeon in Denver and saw so many old and new faces. Enjoyed many different styles of play, created a lot of diverse content and made a come back. I decided to comprise some of the best moments of 2019 to reflect and look forward to another amazing year! 

Best Clips of 2019:

Fart Face Loser made top clip in the Fart fetish category of Clips4Sale! This is my first time reaching a top rated clip in a while. It seems as though there are many of you slave who just wish they could smell my farts. 

The second most popular clip of 2019 was Tied and Taken which was filmed during a session with a good boy who wanted to have some fun clips for his collection. We had a lot of fun filming together.

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Most Popular Tweets of 2019:

I started with a new twitter account this year and am already to 4k followers! It has been a great year for good free content on twitter. Check out this years most popular tweets.. 

CBT really brings out My eyes doesn't it? Twitter loved this one!

Seems as though there are many losers who love being ignored based on how popular this tweet was.

Latex and sissies loved this tweet that was a photo taken during the filming of a clip. 


The opening of the Denver Chamber in January 2019 was a huge event. My slaves and I spend long hours every day of every week getting this dungeon prepared use. Between painting, installing a shower, hanging fixtures, welding cages and acquiring toys it was a lot of work!

This year I also did my first ever traveling dom work, which I hope will continue in to 2020. I took sessions in both Chicago and Kansas City this year. It was an interesting experience going to Chicago with Princess Devi as well as visiting Kansas City and starting to build a client base there. I wonder where you will see Me in 2020..

I also had a great time hosting different doms from all over the country at My dungeon in 2019. From doing doubles, to going on ghost adventures I had a great time meeting badass new femdom friends!

The I <3 Feet party! This year the I <3 Feet party was created as the first ever foot party in Denver! This bi yearly event was so much fun to attend, both times being a great time and success. Then again.. who wouldn't want to worship the feet of many beautiful women..?

2019 was a great year and I look forward to seeing slaves in person via sessions, ordering custom clips, subscribing to My only fans, and visiting with Me on cam and phone. 

How do you intend to serve in 2020?


Mistress Nicci